Are you looking for vegan snacks for your kid’s lunch box or for afternoon snack cravings? Then look no further! We’ve got you covered with 20 delicious and easy vegan snacks for the whole family!

Who doesn’t love a good snack in the afternoon? But snacks don’t necessarily have to be loaded with tons of sugar and fat! These 20 easy vegan snack ideas are the perfect proof! Healthy and delicious vegan snacking has never been this easy! 

I’m sure we’ve got something for every taste and every occasion!

We’ve got:

several vegan crackers (vegan cheese crackers, goldfish, and vegan Za’atar crackers with hummus)
crispy roasted chickpeas (oh, how I love them!)
hearty vegan snacks (vegan chicken nuggets, onion rings, and vegan mozzarella sticks)
energy bites (coconut peanut butter spiced energy bites, blueberry muffin bites, and chocolate peanut butter balls)
several delicious vegan dips (vegan spinach artichoke dip, baba ganoush, pea hummus, and spicy Mexican hummus)
nut-free vegan granola bars (super allergy-friendly!)
sweet vegan snacks like vegan cookie dough and chocolate caramel popcorn


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