Vegan and vegetarian food is expensive, complicated, and time-consuming? Maybe some of you have already heard this claim, but it really couldn’t be more wrong. You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to end up with a delicious and healthy meal. And you don’t have to be a trained chef either! Check out these 10 quick veggie meals that are ready to eat in no time!

I’ll start with these easy vegan spaghetti with bean balls. They’ve been the most popular recipe on the blog for months and they’re are one my favorite dishes as well! I always have to think of the meat ball scene in the Disney’s classic “Lady and the Tramp” when I have these.  They’re really easy to make. All you need is a can of kidney beans, sunflower seeds, rolled oats, garlic, half an onion, and some spices. For the sauce I used tomatoes, red wine, an onion, garlic, and a carrot.

The vegan bean balls are also great just by themselves with a green salad and some dips such as guacamole or hummus. Or you could also eat them in a wrap with lettuce.


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