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Cranberry Ginger Cocktail & Mocktail


For the Cranberry Ginger Cocktail
12 ounces vodka could use flavored such as cranberry or ginger, but regular is fine
24 ounces cranberry juice
32 ounces ginger ale
lime slices for garnish 2 limes
frozen cranberries for garnish

For the Cranberry Holiday Mocktail
16 ounces 7 Up TEN
8 ounces cranberry juice
8 ounces sparkling cider
fresh cranberries to garnish


For the Cranberry Ginger Cocktail

1. Mix the vodka, cranberry juice, and ginger ale in a large pitcher. Add a handful of cranberries and the lime slices from 1 lime. Fill the rest of the pitcher with ice, and then stir. Serve or refrigerate. Garnish glasses with lime slice and additional cranberries if desired.
2. ...

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